Five Months Later

Some Thoughts on the Early Months

It really does go by so fast. You bring Baby home and it feels like you just got tossed into a world where you’re completely unprepared. Then, you finally start getting into a rhythm. Change, feed, put to sleep. Baby doesn’t always make those steps easy, but things start making sense at least.

There are so many firsts to experience in the beginning months. The first smile, laugh, the first time they roll over (front to back and back to front). Everything is new and exciting for both them and for you. The little person today is way different than the little one you brought home from the hospital.

When my Little P was born she was 7 pounds 4.4 ounces. Now, she’s 17 pounds. She loves to look at anything and everything, it’s a brand new world and now she’s discovering it. She’s sleeping through the night (mostly) and is getting ready to sleep in her own room in the next month or so. She’s starting to get some solids in her diet as well.

I thought I couldn’t love her anymore when my husband and I were first handed her, but every single day I look at her so proud. What a beautiful girl, so smart, and so strong.

Going through all the pictures and thinking about all the changes that have happened, and the changes that are still to come, just made me realize how important it is to be as present as you can be with your children. They change so quickly, learning to do new things, and discovering how things work.

I feel so anxious about how I’m doing as a parent every day, some days more than others. So, I’m using today as a day to decide to also enjoy my time and to not feel like I’m messing everything up. Don’t forget to enjoy your child. Take a few minutes and just realize how far you both have come. Enjoy being a parent! It’s a wonderful adventure.

As always, feel free to let me know what you think! What’s one thing that stands out to you the most from the beginning months with your little one?

5 thoughts on “Five Months Later”

  1. They do grow so quickly. My niece is almost a year old and it’s amazing to see how she was so tiny when my sister first had her to now when she’s almost walking!

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      1. I know!! Every time I see her she seems to have grown even more! She’s got really bad carpet burn on her knees though because she is still dragging herself around in the floor, even though she can crawl lol. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could stay little forever!


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