Postpartum and Beyond

My Diaper Bag Essentials

Ah, the diaper bag. It becomes one of the most important things once you have a baby. If you’re going out with your baby then you want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need.

1. Diapers/Wipes

Personally, I keep six diapers in our bag. We used to have a travel size package of wipes in the bag, but we ran out, and I never seemed to replace them, so we keep a regular size package. Is six diapers a bit much for a diaper bag? Perhaps, but I would rather have a few too many than one too little.

2. Extra Clothes

I have two different onesies, two pairs of pants, and a set of socks. Any time I didn’t have extra clothes we would have diaper leakage. So, I’m done tempting fate and just bringing extra clothes. They really don’t take up much space. I have them rolled up in one of the inside pockets.

3. Pacifier Wipes

My husband insists that we can just pick the pacifier up from the floor and clean it ourselves. I get that. I’m not worried about sharing our germs. On that note, if we’re sick, would she just be out of a pacifier? Also, I don’t necessarily want to use a pacifier that fell on the floor either. Plus does that actually clean it? I like having the pacifier wipes just to make sure that it is clean just in case we happen to drop it (and we manage to find it again).

4. Toys

I have two different toys that are guaranteed to make my daughter happy. This wasn’t as big of a deal when she was first born, but now she can get bored and need something to do. These are especially handy if we’re going to be waiting in line for things.

5. Bottles/Formula

I keep the bottles filled with water and have formula in a separate container. I usually keep one small bottle and one large bottle. I’ll take another large bottle if I think we’re going to be out for a really long time.

6. Chap-stick/Hand Sanitizer/Wallet/Baby Lotion

This is all in one number because it’s mainly stuff for me. I have a big diaper bag, it’s cute, and I don’t want to keep track of another bag, so I put my stuff in there too. Baby lotion I keep for both me and baby. It’s a little travel size one so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.


There you have it. I try to keep it as simple as I can. I want to be prepared, but not stuck digging through my bag to find what I need. Other things do have a habit of making their way in and out of the bag as well. I definitely couldn’t survive without these items on the list though!

Let me know what you think! What items do you need to have in your diaper bag?

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