Postpartum and Beyond

What to take from the Hospital

All right, soon to be mommas. You should be happy to know that there are a bunch of goodies that you can take from the hospital. They understand how difficult it can be having a baby and they are there to help you! So, let’s just jump right into it today and see what the hospital provides for you when you check out.

1. Diapers

Of course. We got a small pack of newborn size diapers, plus we took whatever we had scattered about the room. I assume they have different sizes just in case your baby doesn’t fit into the smaller sizes.

This was the most helpful for us. After all the reading and research I did, I had assumed that we would never even use those newborn diapers, of course, Little One was small enough for them though. So thank goodness the hospital provided these for us!

2. Premade Formula

If you’re bottle feeding, then you’re in luck! They provide some of those cool bottles of formula that are already made. No need to wake up in the middle of the night and prepare a bottle in those first nights. My hospital provided either Similac or Enfamil. We personally chose Similac, but the choice is yours. You could always choose to take neither. We had already known we were going to be using Earth’s Best Formula, but I have to say those premade formulas were too tempting. Besides we didn’t mind the ingredients that were in the Similac formula.

3. Formula

Yes, on top of those premade formulas, the hospital will also give you a sample size of formula. Once again the options were between Similac and Enfamil. Once again, we took some Similac. Yes, yes, we still knew we were using Earth’s Best and, yes, we did have some already at the house. It was free and we did end up using it when we realized that we ran out of formula. The point is, you can probably use it one day even if it wasn’t your plan to use that brand.

4. Wipes

Not a lot of wipes. I think we ended up getting a regular size pack. We had been using them while we were there and got to take them once we left.

5. Those hospital undies

So, I had a pretty easy labor. No tears or anything like that. I probably could have switched into undies that I had brought, but those hospital undies are kinda comfortable. They’re not cute or anything, but at that point who’s going for cute anyway? Anyway, they give you a pack of them and you might as well take them. They are really, really comfortable. Besides if anything happens, you ruin a pair of mesh undies and not your actual undies.

6. Witch hazel/Peri Bottle/Ice pack

Take them. If you bought your own peri bottle, then I suppose you could skip the hospital one. If you’re on the fence on buying a peri bottle, then let me save you the trouble. Don’t. It’s a waste of money, unless you plan on reusing it for something else. The hospital one works just fine. They also give you a couple of sprays that help with the numbing. A couple of ice packs too. You’ll probably end up using the ice packs in the hospital (and that’s good), but the other things take with you. They’re so helpful during the healing process.

7. Lotion/Shampoo

Okay, okay. It’s not a necessity to take the toiletries they leave in the bathroom for you. I did though. I don’t know what happened to me. As we were getting everything together a weird “make sure you get everything you can” feeling came over me. The lotion was very good though, it ended up being a staple in my diaper bag. The shampoo (surprise) I haven’t used yet. In the future, if I take a trip I have a nice travel size thing of shampoo and body wash though.


Overall, the most important things to make sure you have for baby are those diapers and formula (if formula feeding). The witch hazel and peri bottle for mom are also extremely important. The hospital should go over what is okay and not okay for you to take before you get discharged though. For example, they prefer you don’t take baby with the hospital provided clothes. Although if you didn’t have clothes I’m sure they’d make an exception.

As always, let me know what you think. Were you able to take more from the hospital?

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