Weekly Meditation

All right Venturers, this past week I did a daily meditation challenge! My goal was to do at least five minutes a day. I am proud to say that I did at least ten minutes every day! I never had a specific time that I did the meditations. Some days it was late, others early, and once I even did it smack dab in the middle of the day. So, after a week of meditation lets take a look at how it affected me.

I’d like to be able to say that I’m a completely changed person now and that it changed my life. A week of ten minute meditations isn’t enough for that kind of change though. I can however say that I do feel like I am a more positive and thoughtful person.

For the week, I used an app called buddhify. I absolutely love it. It’s free to use (there is a membership if you want to upgrade). I usually get my meditations via the internet after a simple Youtube search. I always had trouble with that though. I’m very particular about the people’s voices.

I’m hoping to keep up with meditating. It’s a nice bit of time when I can just calm down and focus on myself. I was able to take a step back, look at my day and how I was feeling, and then just let it all be. If I was mad or upset, then that was okay. If I was happy, that was okay. Things were going to come up that upset me and that’s okay.

I think meditation is something that everyone should give a try. I don’t think I did anything formal, so I don’t have any sort of science to back my feelings up. I do however think that it can be a good way to delve into ourselves and learn why tings make us feel the way we feel and to overcome some of our pettier emotions.

Let me know what you guys think!
Are you in meditation or do you not believe the hype around it?
As always, see you next time and thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Meditation”

  1. Way to go! I have tried meditation but definitely struggle to stay present and not let my mind wonder off. It takes practise. Good for you!

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