1st Trimester To Do

So, you’re pregnant. Yay! You’re probably excited and nervous for what the upcoming months have in store for you. Today let’s take a look at the things you should be taking care of during the beginning of your pregnancy.

Start (or continue) taking prenatal vitamins

It’s important to make sure that you and baby are getting the proper amount of nutrients. Prenatal vitamins also contain four important nutrients during pregnancy: folic acid, iron, vitamin D, and calcium. You will continue prenatal vitamins after you give birth. Most women continue them until they finish breastfeeding.

Find your doctor/Make appointment

If you already know who you want to deliver your baby, then great, go ahead and make an appointment to confirm your pregnancy. If not, then do some research and then make an appointment. You’ll be seeing a lot of this doctor and the staff, so make sure you like who you’re seeing. Don’t feel like you need to continue with the doctor you initially chose.

Stop smoking and drinking

If you smoke or drink it’s time to stop. Both habits are linked to negatives for your baby and can be very dangerous. Maybe pick up some of those fancy juices that look like champagne, but are just juice. When I was pregnant I got these on special occasions, put it in a fancy glass, and added fruit. Sure, it wasn’t alcohol, but I did feel more included with my fancy drink.

Eat healthier

You shouldn’t be eating junk food at every meal (and snack) just because you’re pregnant. You want to be getting a lot of good nutrients for you and baby. Yes, even now, at the beginning of the pregnancy. It’s honestly a good lifestyle change to make anyway. Use this as an excuse to get some healthy food into your house.

Get a pregnancy app

While not necessary, I found my pregnancy app a bunch of fun. It allowed me to track my health and informed me how my baby was developing. Take a look through your phone’s app store and give one a try.

Drink water

It is so important to get the right amount of water every day. Just like eating healthy, use your pregnancy to start a good habit. Try purchasing a big water bottle, take it with you everywhere, and make sure you use it!

Start a prenatal exercise routine

Make sure you run your exercises past your doctor to make sure that they’re okay for you. It’s good to stay active during your pregnancy. Prenatal specific exercises also help your body prepare for labor. I did prenatal yoga and it was a great time for me to unwind and relax.


Again, find an app on your phone and download it. Kegels during pregnancy can help minimize hemorrhoids and decreased bladder control. They will also prepare those muscles for your labor and delivery. On top of that, after pregnancy Kegels help promote healing and strengthens the pelvic floor again. Stay consistent. I sporadically did Kegels during my pregnancy. A couple days here and then a couple days break. I think I would have felt more empowered and in control during my labor if I had remained more consistent.

Start talking parenting

Start talking with your partner about how you want to raise your child together. Do you want to work after you give birth? Who will take care of making food and cleaning while you heal? There’s a variety of topics that will need to start getting discussed so neither of you are blindsided when the baby gets here.

Don’t forget to check out the 2nd Trimester and 3rd Trimester to do lists!

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comment section below. Is there anything you would have added?

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