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5 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging

I’ve been blogging fairly consistently for a few months now. I learn something new everyday and with every new post that I write. Now that I feel like I’m more in a routine and a little bit more comfortable in the blogging world I want to share a few things that I wish I had always known about blogging.

Write Out of Order

So, I’ve had a bunch of different ideas for blog posts that I never seem to be able to get out. It’s generally because when I sit down to actually write it, I can’t figure out how to actually start the piece. I end up just sitting there, staring at the computer, and then either writing something completely different or just giving up to come back later (to probably still just write something different).

Now I’ll write in whatever order the ideas come to me in. I have a vague notion of the beginning, but not the middle or end? Perfect, I’ll start there and figure out something for the beginning. Beginning and end, but no middle? All right, get a couple bullet point ideas you have there, get your intro and conclusion written, and then go back to the middle.

I feel if I had better English teachers, I would’ve figured this out way sooner. Or maybe the problem was I didn’t pay attention in class. Regardless, I’m able to actually write a lot more things than I originally started out being able to. Sometimes, I also realize that I should just scrap the idea all together.

Support Others

Find writers and bloggers that you like. Follow their social medias and their blogs. Just interact with the things they’re doing. It’s fun reading what other people are writing about, what ideas they have, and it’s cool seeing other people’s blogs. These other writer’s are also a great source of support and advice. If you don’t know how something works, maybe they do, and maybe they’re willing to help. They usually are too!

I’m also a firm believer of what you put out, comes back. So, all that love and support that you’re giving to other people will come back to you. Just don’t be fake about all that support you’re sending out. That’s why it’s important to interact with people whose work you actually like

Get a Schedule

Find a routine for your blog. Pick days that you want to have posts out. You can even get more specific and pick out times as well. This could take some figuring out, There was a time that I posted rather randomly because I was trying to figure out what times worked the best to get more people reading and interacting with my site. Once you find those days and times, stick with it.

I got a planner and I wrote out what posts I wanted for what days. This way I was able to write multiple posts for days (and weeks) and was able to focus on other things related to my blog. Social media does take a bit of time and I found it hard to split my focus between writing and social media. However, you do whatever works best for you. If a general, “I’m writing on this day” works for you, then go for it!

The above products link to My personal favorite planner is the middle one, although I do have a soft spot for all things planner/journal related.

Be Yourself

Don’t feel the need to put on a front or try to be someone you’re not when you’re writing. Just be yourself. I’d love to say everything I put out is absolutely original, but I know that there has to be other people putting out similar content to mine. The difference between everyone’s writing is the author’s voice and personality.

I watch a group of gaming friends on Youtube. They often play together, but I watch each of their videos, even if it’s similar to their friend’s videos, and they’re playing together. It gives me an opportunity to see things from a different view and they each have their own style when editing their videos.

So, be you. You may snag people in with a good title and quality writing, but I believe people will stick around longer because of your voice and personality.

It Can Be Tough

It can be easy to assume that blogging (or other internet jobs) can be easy. You don’t realize the amount of work that goes into the final product. There will be days when you just don’t have any creativity, your kids/family don’t give you any time to work, or even you’re just getting discouraged about the amount of people who are looking into your work.

Just keep at it. There have been times when I just feel terrible because I thought I had a great piece written and the numbers weren’t what I expected. I’ve been irritated by my daughter because I had a time set out to write and she wouldn’t let me put her down. I’ve also had to force myself to write to get the creative juices flowing.

It’s okay. It’s not going to be easy. Life isn’t always easy. Don’t get discouraged by the numbers, I know that can be a hard one. Be happy with what you’re putting out and keep spreading awareness through your social medias. Don’t forget to take breaks if you need it.

Most of these had me hitting my head and going, “Duh! Why haven’t I been aware of this the whole time?” I’m glad I know them now. In a few months I’m sure I’ll have another set of things I wish I always knew though!

What do you think? Are you looking to get into blogging? Did these tips help? If you’ve been blogging, what tips would you add? Let me know in the comment section below!

15 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging”

  1. When I started blogging in December I never realised just how much time everything takes! Despite this though, I have enjoyed my blogging experience so far. I find socialising with other bloggers the best!


  2. I started out posting every day but did not find that gave enough time for each post to be appreciated. It took experimentation but developing a good schedule is worthwhile. My only tip is do not be afraid to try new things! You cannot add a new voice to something old without going straight in with your colors.

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  3. Omg the universe must have known I needed this! I started a blog a few months ago and the past two weeks I have just been at a road block. Awesome pieces of advice! Thank you for this!!

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  4. Wow.. the universe must have known I needed this! These are great pieces of advice I will be trying to follow! I started a blog- – and the last two weeks I’ve just been at a little road block. Thank you for this!!


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