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When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support You

Gathering the courage to go out and do something your passionate is never an easy thing. It’s hard putting yourself out there for the world to judge. It becomes a more difficult task when you don’t have the support of loved ones within your life.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve gathered the courage to do the things you love and you’re not receiving the support from your loved ones just know that you are not alone and try not to feel badly about it.

Let’s first take a look at the people who aren’t supporting you. Have they ever supported your dreams? If they’re the type of friend or loved one who is only ever doubting and belittling your hopes and dreams, it may be time to eliminate them from your list of friends. If that seems too extreme and you’re not able to do that, then maybe you should stop sharing your hopes and dreams with them.

If the person is generally supportive of your dreams, then try to figure out the reason why they’re not supporting you on this one. Are you constantly chasing after dreams (possibly to give up on them later)? It could be that this person just doesn’t want to see you get hurt (again) while chasing your dreams.

For the person who is generally supportive, you can try to convince them why this is going to work. Hopefully, you’ll be able to. If not, then that’s okay. They’re entitled to their beliefs and opinions just like you are. The important thing is how they make you feel when you want to discuss you’re dreams with them. A little doubt from others isn’t a bad thing. It can be motivating and help you fix problems along the way.

Whatever situation you’re in, if you find the ones that you love aren’t supporting you the way you want, here are some things you can do.

Analyze Your Dream

Is your goal really attainable? Is this something that you can truly see yourself doing long term, no matter how hard it gets for you? Then, keep going. Make sure you put in all the hard work and don’t falter. Constantly analyze if you’re making progress. Be brutally honest with yourself.

I’ve been guilty of thinking I really want to do something and then abandoning that thought. I have to constantly make sure that I’m pushing forward and working towards what I want now. I don’t fault my husband or family for having doubts on my dreams. They’ve watched me frequently give up. If this is you, you have to be really aware of that.

Expand Your Support Group

Maybe your loved ones don’t understand what you’re doing, so they don’t know how to support you. Maybe they can only offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear for your complaints. If you’re looking for more than that (maybe feedback, technical support, or even people in similar situations), then branch out. There are probably other people who are doing similar things as you and who are looking for support as well. Connect with others and help give each other the support you both want and need.

Refocus Your Energy

Pour as much energy as you’re able to into achieving your goals. Let your achievements talk for you. When people are actively discouraging you or belittling your goals, it feels so good to reach them and be able to prove them wrong. If your loved one is just doubtful and not really confident you’ll make it, then it’s just positive and great to see them change their mind and realize that this is something great for you.

Either way, keep that focus on your goals. Focus on that victory and proving any naysayers wrong.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I know it’s hard. I’ve struggled with being my own cheerleader. Some days are easy, but when nothing is going your way, it’s really hard. Find some positivity meditations, write yourself motivational notes. Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself that you’re great and you’re doing it. Keep doing this even if you have outside connections (those people online I keep telling you to connect with). Keep doing this even if (and when) you’re friends and family finally come around. It’s good for you to be able to bring that positivity and support to yourself.

Don’t Shut Them Out

This doesn’t apply to the person who is constantly making you feel bad for following your dream. If they have never supported anything you do, then you’re fine to move on.

If someone has supported you, but they aren’t just fully on board with this idea, when they ask you how things are going with your dreams, then share with them. They’re not asking because they want to make you feel bad. Odds are that they genuinely care. Share in a way that they understand.

There was a time when I finally got people finding my blog my searching through Google. I went to my husband and just said, “I’m so excited, someone searched something today, and they found my blog that way!” Nothing too technical, but he understands Google and knew I was excited, so he was able to share in my excitement.

I know it can be a struggle when you don’t feel you’re getting the right kind of support from your friends and family. You can still acheive your dreams, even if they don’t believe in you yet. Just keep going and I hope they will get on board with supporting you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you chased dreams that your loved ones didn’t understand or support?

8 thoughts on “When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support You”

  1. It is the most hurtful thing cause you already builed up that trust or have summed up the amount of support you think you got forsure only to find out they won’t support you , and you might have already build up that rejection thought in your mind that maybe wgat you doing is not worth it.

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  2. I think it’s extremely important to become your own cheerleader because people are not dependable. Not all the time are certain people gonna have your best interest, so it’s essential to rely on yourself and know your worth. I really liked that you shared the tip on not shutting out people who give constructive criticism. It’s good to get feedback because that makes you better. Really great post! I definitely understand and relate to this. I stopped sharing my dreams with certain people because they are just too harsh.
    Natonya |


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever felt supported by my family if I’m honest.
    Mostly the opinion seems to be that I should be working a normal 9-5 and managing, no matter what my mental state.

    I do have one brother though who reads every single blog post I write and leaves me comments on facebook. That’s quite nice.


  4. I am happy to say my family and friends support what I do, no matter how weird it may evolve to be. But I know not everyone is as lucky as me and am always sorry when others do not have their dreams supported by people who should support them.

    I always extend my support to my friends in all their endeavors. I can imagine how hard it may be to be one’s old cheerleader. You, as a person, take to heart the knowledge that one small act of encouragement, even to a stranger, means so much!


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