Goals for Kaci Ventures' second year of blogging
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Blogging Hopes and Goals

It’s been an exciting year and I’m glad of all the progress that has been made here. With it being Kaci Ventures’ birthday month, I’ve been thinking a lot more about what I want to see from it and where I hope I’ll be in the next year and the future in general.

When I first started Kaci Ventures, my main focuses were on keeping myself busy and helping others by sharing my experiences with parenting. I was also pretty focused on getting the blog to a point where it could hopefully make some money.

I’m much less concerned with profit now. Obviously, I’d be thrilled if I could make something financially here. I’m just not as focused on it. I’m more concerned with being happy and putting out quality content.

I am very happy to say that my goal of wanting to help others through sharing my experiences hasn’t changed at all. Honestly, I feel more dedicated to that goal. I’ve interacted with so many wonderful people and read so many new things because I started Kaci Ventures.

Let’s take a look at some of my more long term goals for Kaci Ventures. Excluding helping others and financial goals as those were already discussed and I’m not too worried about the financial stuff currently.

Monthly Topics/Variety 

So, this month I gave November a theme in honor of the blog’s anniversary. I’d like to keep doing something similar. Where each week I have a post specific to that theme. Ideally, I want these posts to go up on each Monday of the month, but even with the birthday month I ended up shuffling things around.

Overall, I want both variety and consistency. That way you (and I) can have a routine with Kaci Ventures. 


I attempted to start my newsletter way too early. I was dealing with too many moving parts. It was incredibly difficult to put the time needed into a newsletter when I didn’t really have a clear schedule for the blog as a whole.

This year, I’m hoping to have a newsletter set up. I want to make it really nice and get it consistent even if it’s only once a month.


I want to complete overhaul and redesign the website. I wanted to have it set up for this month, but if you’ve been here a while, you can see that nothing much has changed.

This goal isn’t very serious. I think the website looks pretty good for the most part. It would just be cool to freshen it up.

Self hosting

I hear it’s the way to go. I haven’t done much research on it, so that’s something I’ll be doing this year.

If your website is self hosted, let me know if you think that’s the way to go. Or just let me know something about it. I’m essentially clueless at this point.


I want to figure them out. I want to see what can be done and get to a point where I’d even feel comfortable writing for someone else’s page. I mean that in the nicest of ways. Everyone’s pieces that I read are so good and packed with knowledge that I’m worried my writing wouldn’t add anything to what they’re already doing.

Time and Effort

I want to dedicate more time and effort into my work here. I say I’m passionate about writing and the things I’m sharing, but I don’t think it’s obvious from the effort I’m currently putting in. I have to move a few things around in my life, potentially put things on hold, and give Kaci Ventures the dedication it deserves for the second year.

If you enjoyed reading, then I hope you’ll consider supporting me through my Ko-Fi (Click Me). All of your support allows me to keep writing and following my dreams.

Thank you for reading. Please be kind to one another and have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Hopes and Goals”

  1. Great goals I hope you can achieve all of your hopes & goals. Becoming self-hosted is also one of my goals for the future so I can relate to you with that goal. I hope you are able to achieve them 💗

    Charlotte x


  2. Your goals clearly create the overall effort of moving forward toward change. Your focus on quality content is what I love to hear from people; that is what matters to me, in whatever I am writing.

    May year two hold many successes for you!


  3. I can relate to this for sure. I also hit one year of my blog this month and have made many changes along to way, hopefully for the better. I would also love to make money through my blog but I really do just enjoy sharing my experiences with people first. I’m always learning…


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