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Self-Improvement: What it Is and Why It's Important

Self-improvement is a concept that covers a wide variety of actions. Overall, self-improvement is anything you do to improve yourself. Who would’ve thought, right?

For quite a while, I was stuck in a rut. I was unhappy with where my life was and where it seemed to be headed. I didn’t spend any of my time working on skills, learning, or doing anything to improve myself. I was stuck. I spent my free time drinking and watching television.

Finally, I got tired of it. I took a good hard look at my life and decided I needed to make a change. I needed to make myself better and then my life will get better.

Improving myself has given me something to work for and fill my time. Self-improvement isn’t just important if you’re stuck like I was though. Self-improvement is always something we can strive for, no matter our circumstances. Let’s take a look at why self improvement is important.

Confidence Booster

When you practice any skill, you’re working on improving them. Every time you do that you get a little bit better at that skill. The more you get better, the more confident you start to feel with those skills.

It doesn’t occur overnight. It takes time, but it’s so worth it. Personally, I really enjoy thinking about how much better I am now at something than when I first started. It’s really motivating to see what I can do now. Especially if it was something that I wasn’t able to do well in the beginning.

Gives Purpose

Having something to work towards is a huge difference maker in your life. Okay, sure, so learning a new language might not be your sole purpose in life, but it can still give you that sense of purpose. It’s something to work for and that’s a really good feeling to have.

Increased Self Awareness

You really start learning about you when you work on self-improvement. Your weaknesses and strengths, what makes you happy and unhappy, etc. Having an increased self-awareness is wonderful!

I’m more self-aware than I was a few months ago and it’s like a weight has been lifted from me. I’m way more conscious of why I do things and what I can do to make myself happier.

You Become Better

Improving yourself makes you a better person. It’s not just the fact that you’re learning new skills and gaining knowledge. Sure, that is making you a better person. What’s really making you a better person is the fact that you’re pushing yourself. You’re giving yourself a challenge and you’re making an effort to be a better version of you.

You’ll Love Yourself More

Watching yourself work and strive for something will make you so proud of yourself. You’ll see how much effort you’re putting in and you’ll have more compassion for yourself.

I don’t mean to say that you need to change yourself to love yourself. I’m sure you’re loveable just the way you are. I’ve always found it harder to love all of myself. Once I started working towards improving myself, I stopped seeing things as flaws and failures. I saw effort and drive.

Improved Relationships

Improving yourself helps improve your relationship with others. If you get angry easily and you work on improving that (you become calmer and hold back your immediate anger reaction), then your relationships improve. If you’re overly critical and improve that, then your relationships improve. Any new relationships being built will also be stronger because of those changes.

So Motivating

Watching yourself improve is motivating. Even if it’s just small steps at first. You see yourself improving, changing, and it gives you the motivation to push yourself and do more. This motivation can go into other parts of your life as well. You improve yourself and you can be motivated to improve other aspects of your life. Maybe you find the motivation to work towards career goals or a project you’ve been putting off.

I have been so behind on my self-improvement. Now that I’m actively working on myself, I love it. I’m honestly really, really passionate about this topic now.

Have you done anything to improve yourself recently? Have you seen any benefits from it? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Thank you for reading. Please be kind to one another and have a good day!

19 thoughts on “Self-Improvement: What it Is and Why It's Important”

  1. Personal development is so helpful! Lots of us, especially after we enter motherhood, tend to lose a little bit of purpose as we get so wrapped up in parenting. Thanks for the great info.

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  2. I have been practicing self-improvement for the past several years. It has helped me become a calmer, more focused person. It has helped me really look at myself with unbiased eyes and think about what I can do to be happier about myself.
    Self-improvement is worth practicing, and it is never too soon to start! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally believe in self-improvement – and while I love reading self-help books, I finally reached the conclusion that it was doing no good just to read the books if I wasn’t being really intentional about what I put into practice in my life! So – now I’m reading fewer books and working more on implementation!

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  4. Great post! I am a strong believer in always striving to be your best self. I have been spending more time doing things I love and I fill much more fulfilled and positive. I just started my blog a month ago and I am excited with where it will take me.

    Liked by 1 person

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