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Daily Self Improvement Habits

Improving yourself isn’t necessarily a simple task. It sounds like it should be. Self improvement is just doing things to improve yourself. I know, I’ve said that before. I guess I can’t get over how easy it sounds.

Self-improvement takes a lot of dedication. You won’t see the change that you want overnight. That’s why I try to make it a little bit easier for myself. I try to do smaller tasks every day to help myself improve!

Here are some pretty easy things that you can do every day to help you improve yourself.

Wake up Early

You have so much more to your day when you wake up early. What do you want to do? Get some time away from the kids? Eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee? Exercise or get some extra work done?

What better time to do that then right in the morning?

Okay, okay. This is one of those easier said than done things. Just set your alarm back a little bit sooner and take some extra you time.

Plan Ahead

I love plans and schedules. I didn’t before I was a parent, but now they’re everything. I know when I need to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner made. I know that between 12 pm and 2 pm (please, let it be 2 today) that my daughter takes a nap. That time is also my personal work time.

Anyway, the point is, plan your day out a little bit. What tasks will you be focusing on, what’s for dinner, you can even put out your clothes. It makes the day run smoother. For the most part you know what to expect.


Reading is awesome. It can take you to a different world, can teach you new things, and helps relax you. Find something you are passionate about and read about it. Pick up a fantasy book and discover a new world while you learn new words.


I’ve been way more serious about meditation this year. With my consistent meditations I’ve already been noticing improvements to my overall mood. Nothing crazy, but enough that I’m still pursuing meditation daily.

There are so many positives to meditation and mindfulness. Lessened anxiety, enhanced self awareness, increased focus, improved mood, reduced blood pressure, the list goes on. 

Mindful Eating

Okay, so, I’ve had a habit of completely stuffing my face and then feeling terrible afterwards. I’m overly full, uncomfortable, and still I end up feeling hungry (or just still eating) an hour or two after I eat.

Then, I stumbled upon mindful eating. Basically, mindful eating is fully immersing yourself in the eating experience. You’re noticing flavors, smells, textures, how you’re feeling, etc. You’re not mindlessly eating. I make it a habit to also pause and make sure I drink more water throughout the meal.

Mindful eating can help digestion, helps prevent overeating or eating just because. It also helps reduce stress and can help increase your enjoyment.

Track It

Whatever your goal is, make sure that you can track it. You don’t want to just read every day, you want to read a chapter a day or a certain amount of words. You don’t want to just learn a language, you want to practice for a certain amount of minutes a day or learn a certain amount of new words a week.

Figure out how you can measure your goals and keep checking in on yourself. Give yourself a deadline and work towards it.

Group Up/Reach Out to Accountability Friends

Find people who are also trying to achieve something, team up with them, and keep each other accountable. I was a lone wolf. I’m still mostly a lone wolf. So, this was a tough one for me. I thought I could do it all on my own. Having a couple friends that I can bounce ideas off of, who I can push and they push me, it’s great. It helps keep me motivated. I also get the added bonus of having a couple more friends who I can rely on. Those are hard to come by now.

There it is, seven things you can do to improve yourself daily. Don’t forget consistency is going to be key. You can do this! You can be whatever it is you’re working for. What are some of your self-improvement tips or tricks? Did you try anything you thought you’d dislike, but ended up really enjoying? (Mine are reaching out and mindful eating) Let me know yours in the comment section below!

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Thank you for reading. Please be kind to one another and have a good day!

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