Minimal Phone Challenge

For this week's challenge I wanted to use my phone and social media less. I know on days when I was tied to my phone I felt so drained at the end of the day. I missed valuable time with my daughter and husband and time went by so quickly. It's so easy to get… Continue reading Minimal Phone Challenge


Weekly Self Check Up

All right, Venturers, for this weeks challenge I did a mental check-in every day. I try to take my mental health very seriously. I have a bunch of self care things that I try to keep up with doing. Keeping track of my mood and recognizing the reasons I feel things is one of the… Continue reading Weekly Self Check Up


Hydration Station

So, last week I wanted to set a challenge for myself. It's something I think I want to do for the remainder of the year. I want to do something for a whole week and then from there hopefully I'll continue it or discover that thing isn't really for me. This past week I challenged… Continue reading Hydration Station