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What I Hate about my Pediatrician

Overall, I really like my pediatrician’s office. They have an entrance for healthy kids and an entrance for sick kids. The wait times seem to get longer and longer, but I come to expect that with all doctor’s offices, so I’m pretty forgiving on wait times. There are two things that come to mind when I think about why I dislike my pediatrician.

The first, is very minor. When we took Little P in for her first office visit the doctor we saw said that she had jaundice and recommended we bring her back in a couple of days to check on how it was progressing. We came back, saw a different doctor, who basically said he had no idea what the last person was talking about. So, definitely minor, but a big old waste of my time and that was frustrating. I guess I’d rather have them be safe than sorry.

The real reason that I have been incredibly frustrated with my pediatrician is that they constantly harp about Little P’s weight. It’s also how they go on about her weight. At our four month visit, Little P had put on five pounds since her two month visit. Personally, five pounds in two months isn’t that big of a deal to me. However, we weigh her (the nurses go on about how they love a bit of a chunky baby, it’s great) and then the doctor comes in. “Five pounds, momma, wow. Five pounds momma.”

My husband is here and my husband is also taking care of and feeding our daughter. Why is it “five pounds momma”? After a multitude of shocked “five pounds momma”, the doctor then proceeded to tell us that once a baby starts moving around the weight gain tends to slow down.

This visit has seriously stuck with me as a parent. My daughter was and is still in the normal weight range. We don’t overfeed her, she dramatically coughs and gags if we try and give her a bottle she doesn’t want. Plus, she’s happy and other than the “five pounds momma” has had no issues. No matter how many times I tell myself all those things though, I hear that stupid voice “five pounds momma, wow”. On a bad day, this memory makes me feel inadequate as a parent. On a good day, it’s just a dramatic pediatrician who was surprised at a hungry baby.

It may seem really small to some people. I’m sure it doesn’t bother my husband anymore, if it ever did at all. As a brand new mom though, it’s frustrating. Why was it only my fault that the baby had gained five pounds? Why was it a big deal she gained five pounds in two months? It wasn’t a week or even one month, it was two. How was I supposed to prevent that? Not feed her even though I knew she was hungry?

It made me think that doctors can have a very narrow view of what should and shouldn’t be happening with a baby. At our six month visit, Little P had only put on two pounds. The doctor, however, still seemed hung up on the previous visit’s weight gain. She mentioned again, “Oh, once a baby’s moving around the weight gain isn’t that big of a deal”, “Oh, was she breastfed? They tend to be bigger babies”. It’s frustrating and not productive. I’d rather the doctor give advice on weight loss at this point.

If the doctor is concerned about the weight, then that’s fine. Maybe it is a big deal and I just don’t get it. That’s the point when the doctor should give advice and next steps though. Not just say, “oh five pounds, wow mom”. I also, don’t want to be the only one getting spoken to. My husband made Little P too, he makes an effort to go to every single doctor visit, don’t exclude him from the conversation.

So, there you have it. The reason (well two) that I dislike my pediatrician. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives, so I don’t see us switching pediatricians. It just kind of gives me a reason to feel like I should doubt myself. Remember to make sure you pick a pediatrician that works for you though! You’re going to have a relationship with them for a long time, so make sure you get someone who gives you a good experience and who is competent.

As always, let me know what you think! Do you have any doctor horror stories? Or even better, any “my doctor is the best” stories?

Postpartum and Beyond

What to take from the Hospital

All right, soon to be mommas. You should be happy to know that there are a bunch of goodies that you can take from the hospital. They understand how difficult it can be having a baby and they are there to help you! So, let’s just jump right into it today and see what the hospital provides for you when you check out.

1. Diapers

Of course. We got a small pack of newborn size diapers, plus we took whatever we had scattered about the room. I assume they have different sizes just in case your baby doesn’t fit into the smaller sizes.

This was the most helpful for us. After all the reading and research I did, I had assumed that we would never even use those newborn diapers, of course, Little One was small enough for them though. So thank goodness the hospital provided these for us!

2. Premade Formula

If you’re bottle feeding, then you’re in luck! They provide some of those cool bottles of formula that are already made. No need to wake up in the middle of the night and prepare a bottle in those first nights. My hospital provided either Similac or Enfamil. We personally chose Similac, but the choice is yours. You could always choose to take neither. We had already known we were going to be using Earth’s Best Formula, but I have to say those premade formulas were too tempting. Besides we didn’t mind the ingredients that were in the Similac formula.

3. Formula

Yes, on top of those premade formulas, the hospital will also give you a sample size of formula. Once again the options were between Similac and Enfamil. Once again, we took some Similac. Yes, yes, we still knew we were using Earth’s Best and, yes, we did have some already at the house. It was free and we did end up using it when we realized that we ran out of formula. The point is, you can probably use it one day even if it wasn’t your plan to use that brand.

4. Wipes

Not a lot of wipes. I think we ended up getting a regular size pack. We had been using them while we were there and got to take them once we left.

5. Those hospital undies

So, I had a pretty easy labor. No tears or anything like that. I probably could have switched into undies that I had brought, but those hospital undies are kinda comfortable. They’re not cute or anything, but at that point who’s going for cute anyway? Anyway, they give you a pack of them and you might as well take them. They are really, really comfortable. Besides if anything happens, you ruin a pair of mesh undies and not your actual undies.

6. Witch hazel/Peri Bottle/Ice pack

Take them. If you bought your own peri bottle, then I suppose you could skip the hospital one. If you’re on the fence on buying a peri bottle, then let me save you the trouble. Don’t. It’s a waste of money, unless you plan on reusing it for something else. The hospital one works just fine. They also give you a couple of sprays that help with the numbing. A couple of ice packs too. You’ll probably end up using the ice packs in the hospital (and that’s good), but the other things take with you. They’re so helpful during the healing process.

7. Lotion/Shampoo

Okay, okay. It’s not a necessity to take the toiletries they leave in the bathroom for you. I did though. I don’t know what happened to me. As we were getting everything together a weird “make sure you get everything you can” feeling came over me. The lotion was very good though, it ended up being a staple in my diaper bag. The shampoo (surprise) I haven’t used yet. In the future, if I take a trip I have a nice travel size thing of shampoo and body wash though.


Overall, the most important things to make sure you have for baby are those diapers and formula (if formula feeding). The witch hazel and peri bottle for mom are also extremely important. The hospital should go over what is okay and not okay for you to take before you get discharged though. For example, they prefer you don’t take baby with the hospital provided clothes. Although if you didn’t have clothes I’m sure they’d make an exception.

As always, let me know what you think. Were you able to take more from the hospital?

Postpartum and Beyond

My Diaper Bag Essentials

Ah, the diaper bag. It becomes one of the most important things once you have a baby. If you’re going out with your baby then you want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need.

1. Diapers/Wipes

Personally, I keep six diapers in our bag. We used to have a travel size package of wipes in the bag, but we ran out, and I never seemed to replace them, so we keep a regular size package. Is six diapers a bit much for a diaper bag? Perhaps, but I would rather have a few too many than one too little.

2. Extra Clothes

I have two different onesies, two pairs of pants, and a set of socks. Any time I didn’t have extra clothes we would have diaper leakage. So, I’m done tempting fate and just bringing extra clothes. They really don’t take up much space. I have them rolled up in one of the inside pockets.

3. Pacifier Wipes

My husband insists that we can just pick the pacifier up from the floor and clean it ourselves. I get that. I’m not worried about sharing our germs. On that note, if we’re sick, would she just be out of a pacifier? Also, I don’t necessarily want to use a pacifier that fell on the floor either. Plus does that actually clean it? I like having the pacifier wipes just to make sure that it is clean just in case we happen to drop it (and we manage to find it again).

4. Toys

I have two different toys that are guaranteed to make my daughter happy. This wasn’t as big of a deal when she was first born, but now she can get bored and need something to do. These are especially handy if we’re going to be waiting in line for things.

5. Bottles/Formula

I keep the bottles filled with water and have formula in a separate container. I usually keep one small bottle and one large bottle. I’ll take another large bottle if I think we’re going to be out for a really long time.

6. Chap-stick/Hand Sanitizer/Wallet/Baby Lotion

This is all in one number because it’s mainly stuff for me. I have a big diaper bag, it’s cute, and I don’t want to keep track of another bag, so I put my stuff in there too. Baby lotion I keep for both me and baby. It’s a little travel size one so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.


There you have it. I try to keep it as simple as I can. I want to be prepared, but not stuck digging through my bag to find what I need. Other things do have a habit of making their way in and out of the bag as well. I definitely couldn’t survive without these items on the list though!

Let me know what you think! What items do you need to have in your diaper bag?

Postpartum and Beyond

My Hospital Stay Regret

Around nine in the morning on August 29, 2019, my husband, brand new baby, and I were transferred into our hospital room. A short while later my parents arrived. My husband’s mother wasn’t able to visit (I delivered sooner than expected). I adore my mother-in-law, but it was nice not to seem put together for another person.

I’m relatively close with my parents and I’m thankful that they were able to meet their grandbaby pretty much immediately, but looking back at it now, I think I would actually skip out on having visitors at the hospital. I would’ve really liked to use that time to be with my husband and Little P.

Overall, the number of visitors we had was pretty low. My parents and there was a family friend that stopped by. My parents stopped by multiple times throughout the day. The family friend came unannounced with my dad, which I didn’t appreciate, but that’s beside the point.

Every time people came to visit it felt like everything stopped and the focus went to them. I was exhausted, my husband was exhausted, and everyone just wanted to see and hold the baby. At that point, your baby needs to eat every two hours and (if you’re like me) then whenever your changing diapers it’s frustrating and difficult. You’re learning your baby and figuring out how to be a mom. My point here is, you’re not getting a lot of sleep and having visitors takes away time that you could be trying to nap.

I had a natural birth, so we only stayed in the hospital for about 24 hours, not including the whole birth process. I would probably feel differently if we had the C-Section as planned. We would’ve been in the hospital for three to four days. That’s a much longer time to be there. There’s more time to recover (as there should be) and a few friendly faces would be a welcome sight after a surgery like that.

For my circumstances though, I would’ve like to take everything in with my brand new little family and dealt with the greetings and celebrating once we were at home and comfortable. So, for my next baby (if there is a next baby), I think I will ask visitors to please wait until we’ve left the hospital to say their hellos.

So, what do you think? Are you all for the hospital visitors after a birth or do you want your space as well? I’m also curious if you’d be upset at not being invited to come to visit in the hospital.

Postpartum and Beyond

Parenting Success

What to Prepare Before Baby

How exciting, your little one is almost here. You’re nervous, you’re excited, you’re starting to get ready. You’re wondering what you need to get ready. Well, here’s a few things that will make your transition into parenthood a little bit easier.

1. Diapers

Get diapers in a few different sizes. The hospital will have some for you, but it won’t be enough to last. You don’t want to be in the unfortunate position of starting to change your baby only to discover that you are all out of diapers.
Depending on how big Baby is, you might not need many newborn diapers. In general, newborn diapers are up to 10 pounds. Size 1 is 8 – 14 pounds. Size 2 is 12 – 18 pounds. 
Personally, I ended up having roughly 400 diapers of both size 1 and size 2. I ended up having a bunch of leftovers. If I were to go back and rebuy, I would start off with 100 of each size (NB all the way through size 6, I’m a future planner kinda girl). This way I have a base amount and can purchase more at later dates.

Pro tip: Get diapers with the wetness indicator, I’m in love with them.

2. Wipes

Buy a brand and see if you like it. See if you need a wipe holder (maybe those wipes you see for cheap are cheap because they’re a refill pack, a mistake I unfortunately made). I didn’t realize I would prefer one brand of wipes to another. But I do. So, now I have a bunch of wipes that I’m not really happy with but still want to use since it seems like a big old waste to get rid of them or give them to a friend.

Wipes will be your best friend. There have been a few times when I’ve ended up using them for myself (quick hand wash, face wash, wiping sticky things down).

3. Baby’s Room/Bassinet

You don’t have to go all out with decorations and everything, but it’ll be nice to have a changing area and crib set up. You may as well get everything put together now while you don’t have a little one demanding your attention constantly. If you already have kids, it’ll be nice to have this set up that way you don’t have an additional little one demanding attention.

You should also get Baby’s first bed set up as well. The bassinet (or whatever else you’re using for Baby in your room) shouldn’t be too hard to set up. For this one, you’ll mainly be making sure that it fits in your room nicely.

4. Laundry

You’re going to want to get all those cute clothes, blankets, burp clothes, etc. all washed and dried before Baby gets home. This will give you a chance to get everything all organized as well. Take a good look at that organization there, you might not be able to keep those clothes that nice again.

5. Freezer Meals

I didn’t want to cook when we first brought Little P home. It was so nice just being able to open the freezer, pick a meal, and then throw it into the oven and not have to worry too much. You’re still figuring out your new baby, you’re adjusting to a very different life now, don’t also worry about figuring out dinner.
Bonus tip: get crazy, get/make some frozen breakfasts too. Start your day off nice and easy food wise.

6. Your Hospital Bag

You may as well get this all packed and situated while you’re getting everything else taken care of. You don’t want to be in labor and scrambling to find things you need. Speaking of things you’ll need, check out my “Hospital Bag Necessities” post ( for the things I absolutely needed with me.

Some Thoughts

Remember not to stress too much! This is an exciting time. Don’t spend so much time worrying about all the things that need to get done and remember to (try) and enjoy yourself. Getting these things done will help you keep busy and make things a little bit easier for you once Baby does arrive.

Let me know what you think! Was this list helpful? Do you have any advice on what to have ready before Baby arrives?