Postpartum and Beyond

Why I Make my Baby Food

When I was pregnant I had never realized that there was an option to make baby food. I had assumed that only option was to buy it. I did a bunch of research and book reading on raising children and I stumbled upon baby food recipes. This had opened up a whole new world of options for me. So, I decided to at least give it a try once we start moving on to solid foods.

I gave store bought foods briefly and decided that homemade baby food was the definite option for me. So here are a few reasons on why I prefer to make my own baby food.

Save Money

There’s very few things that I enjoy more than saving money. This is one of the main reasons why I make baby food. A pound and a half of fruits (or veggies or meats) can make about 15 ounces of baby food.

Some math:
Let’s say that my daughter eats two ounces of solids per meal with three meals a day. Once a day, she’d be eating a total of six ounces. I’ve seen four ounces of Gerber baby food going for as low as $0.99. So, for a full day I’d be spending at least $1.98. Two pounds of carrots at the store (I used Smith’s) is $1.49. I get two and a half days worth of food for $0.50 cheaper.

Obviously, different foods will cost different amounts, but on the whole, you’re saving money.


I notice that a lot of the stage two foods are already combinations. Which I totally get because you want some more exciting flavor combos for your little ones. My concern here is my little one not liking it and me not being able to tell which part of it wasn’t for them or even being allergic and still not knowing what caused it. It would also be a bummer to find an interesting combination and then not be able to get it because it contained an ingredient my little one was allergic to (or didn’t like.

With making my own food none of that matters. I can make any stage as a single at first and then combine from there. Plus I get to come up with the combinations, which is kind of fun.


So, I did try a couple of store bought foods for Little P. One was Gerber and the other Beech-Nut Organic. Both were stage two and a little on the thin side. I like being able to control both consistency and texture of the food. Once I got the okay from my pediatrician I started making my food thicker and Little P loved it. I also get to have her try different consistencies in the same meal. For example, she can have a thicker avocado and a thinner sweet potato one right after the other.


I really enjoy making food for her. This just happened to be an added bonus since I didn’t know it would be fun when I decided to make baby food. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and making things.

Postpartum and Beyond

Being Productive With Baby

i’d rather hang out with you, but these dishes aren’t gonna do themselves

The laundry isn’t done (all right, they’re clean, but you know you have to put them away now), your dishes are beginning to pile up, and there’s various clutter all throughout your house, but your baby doesn’t care about any of that. They want you to hold them and play with them. How can you say no to those big old loving eyes anyway?

Well, today we’re going to take a look at how you can still get all that tedious stuff down around your house when all your baby wants is to hang out.

1. Take Baby Along

Your options don’t have to be ignore baby and do work, or ignore work and take care of baby.
Make sure your baby is fed and changed before you start and then take baby along. My husband and I have both a Baby Bjorn and one of those wrap carriers. We have both because I thought I’d like the wrap carrier more, turns out I like the Bjorn better. Little P likes to look around now and I haven’t mastered a good way to hold her safely with the wrap.
The point here is, take baby with you. You’ll get work done and they’re so young they might actually have a good time doing some boring stuff with you.

2. Stand Up

If you need to get work done on the computer try to stand up with your baby. Little P got so bored just sitting around, so I held her so she could look over my shoulder and stood up while I worked. It’s a bit tiring on your feet, but baby was calm, I was getting work done, and I turned it into a work out so I was technically extra productive at this point.
Now, if your baby doesn’t really like when you’re standing, give sitting down a try. Rinse and repeat.

3. Work during Baby’s naps

I would do this during Little P’s longer naps in the afternoon. I picked things that wearing her would be a pain (think lots of bending, possible but annoying) and did those when she had her lunchtime nap.

4. Try to Break Up Your Tasks

Don’t leave everything to be done on one day. Do laundry one day, vacuuming another, etc. Also, you could try and do certain tasks while your significant other is around or on a day where someone else is watching your baby.
You don’t have to get everything done all at once! Do what you can and don’t overwork yourself.

5. Be Happy With What You Can Do

Did you manage to get those dishes done today? Celebrate that! It really can be hard having to watch Baby and having to clean up and making sure the house is looking decent. Be happy with some of the smaller things you can accomplish, as long as you’re getting something done don’t stress too hard about what you haven’t gotten to. The laundry will still be there tomorrow, and if I’m being honest with you, it took me days to fold laundry even when I didn’t have a baby.

some thoughts

Baby-wearing literally saved me. I work a lot on the computer and when Little P got more active, I couldn’t hold her and type at the same time. I need both my hands to type otherwise I just can’t work. So with computer work alone, baby wearing was my savior. The rest of the things I needed to get done I was generally able to do during her naps.

Another big thing, don’t get overly down on yourself if you can’t get to everything. If you can, try to do little bits of everything (fold a couple things of laundry, do a couple of dishes) throughout the day. You’ll still be making a dent in what you need to get done, you’re still being productive, it’s just adjusted for having to deal with both Baby and chores. But don’t beat yourself up! I got stuck in a rut because I felt I wasn’t doing anything throughout the day. I needed to remember that taking care of a person all day is doing something and that what I am able to do as far as chores is an accomplishment!

If you are baby-wearing while you’re doing chores you can turn it into a game. Sing a song, talk super extra about everything you’re doing. Maybe it’ll make it less boring for you and Baby will be into it. Make chores fun for them (and you) before they realize that chores are pretty awful.

Tell me

Let me know what you thought!
How do you keep productive with your baby throughout the day? Any other tips or suggestions that I haven’t included?