Challenge: Daily Workout

All right Venturers, this week I challenged myself to exercise every day. I wanted to do at least 15-minutes a day. A fairly small amount, but I’ve been a bit lazy since after I gave birth. I don’t want to set too high of a goal and then get frustrated and quit when I can’t reach it. So, my aim was for 15-minutes a day and I was mainly focused on yoga.

I also added in more physical movement to my day. For example, instead of sitting while I worked or watched TV, I would stand. I did some lunges and squats while holding Little P. Overall, just tried to be more active while I went about my usual activities. These I didn’t count towards 15-minute goal.

I am proud to say that I was pretty successful. It was a little hard finding time to do it though. Now, while I am proud that I even managed to get a week done, I’m not sure if I can make this an actual habit. For this, I think the challenge is more in the two to three week range. I don’t want to set a challenge for myself (especially at a week) and come to tell you guys that I couldn’t do it. So, I do try extra hard so I can come and say I was successful.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to up the ante on this one. I will continue my usual weekly challenges and then revisit this at the end of April. For the most part, I do these challenges because it represents a change I want to make in my life.

For now, let’s mark this as a win and then we’ll see if I managed to keep a consistent workout routine throughout the month. I’ll be a bit more lenient for the month. We’ll see if I can do at least four work outs a week and try to increase the time spent working out.

So, what do you guys think? Are you able to keep a consistent workout schedule? How do you keep yourself motivated?


Hydration Station

So, last week I wanted to set a challenge for myself. It’s something I think I want to do for the remainder of the year. I want to do something for a whole week and then from there hopefully I’ll continue it or discover that thing isn’t really for me.

This past week I challenged myself to drink the proper amount of water every day or at least a much higher amount than I was currently drinking. I set a goal for myself to drink at least 60 oz of water every day, but I was hoping to get to 80 oz.

I was actually very successful! I do think it is because I gave myself a range. 80 oz of water when I was really only drinking about 40 oz to begin with was a big jump. Getting an additional 20 oz in a day was tough, but doable.

The first thing I noticed was my lips were no longer chapped or peeling. Go figure, one of my least favorite things could be so easily solved by drinking enough water. It’s not like I didn’t know either. Obviously, you hear about the benefits of drinking water, but I think doing it makes you realize how good it does your body.

I also felt more calm and was less prone to headaches. Hear me out on this next one, I was less thirsty. I know it sounds dumb, it is a little dumb. You know when you get a soda or even a sports drink how you can still feel like you need to drink? Well, once again, surprise, surprise, drink some water and your mouth feels less dry and you don’t feel as thirsty. Wild what water does.

The only real annoying thing with this water drinking challenge was the amount of times I had to go to the bathroom. I was going constantly. There were a couple of times where I thought I was pregnant because I was going so much. I’m not, I was just hydrated. I’m hoping if I keep drinking this way that my body will stop needing to go to the bathroom as much, but I’m not sure. Either way, I can handle going to the bathroom a little bit more if it means I keep feeling this great.

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I honestly suggest with starting on drinking enough water daily. It makes a world of difference. In my experience it was pretty much immediately. The next day I honestly felt so much better. My lips have felt so smooth and looked much nicer! I’m so excited about that. Please, do yourself a favor, get a reusable water bottle and drink that water!

Stay Tuned

My next challenge for myself is daily meditation! It’s something I’ve been really interested in and I want to see if I can fit it into my daily schedule. I’m hoping I can take at least five minutes a day to set aside for myself. My husband is out of town for the month, so I’m the only one with our 6 month old. A little bit of an extra challenge on scheduling our meditation. Tune in next week for that.

Until then, let me know what you think!
What challenges would you like to see in the future ?