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How to Have Healthier Arguments

Getting into arguments with your significant other (or anyone for that matter) is never an enjoyable time. Those arguments become even less enjoyable when one (or both) people become more focused on "being right" or "winning" the argument. It may just be me, but I've found that "fighting fair" in arguments is one of the… Continue reading How to Have Healthier Arguments


Surviving Summer Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Little P, I was unfortunate enough to be in my third trimester in the middle of summer. Now, I've never been a fan of summer, but I disliked it even more when I was pregnant. I had a pretty easy pregnancy, but by the end I was ready to not… Continue reading Surviving Summer Pregnancy

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The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Recently, I've been trying something new. I'm keeping a tally of how many times I say thank you a day. This probably seems weird and silly. However, the idea came to me during an argument with my husband. Somewhere between the back and forth he pointed out that he thanks me way more than I… Continue reading The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude