Do You Answer

Yesterday, I got a random knock on the door. I hate random knocks on the door. I’m currently living in an apartment and I feel like I get a lot. Especially recently. These past few weeks I’ve been getting knocks left and right. Apparently my apartment was chosen for some sort of health survey and we’d get x amount of dollars if we qualify for their assessment. I’m not really sure. It’s rude, but I zoned out on whatever pitch they were giving my husband.

Now, I’m not sure if the people who have been knocking are the ones who are doing this survey. However, it very well could be. They tried to make an appointment with my husband, who politely declined and said he had a hectic schedule. It was after his chat with them that the unexpected door knock has really picked up.

I hate it. I don’t answer the door unless I’m expecting someone. I don’t care who it is, if I’m not expecting you, don’t even bother knocking. I also appreciate a “I’m here” text, that way when you do arrive, I know it’s you. However, as long as I’m expecting someone I’ll peek through the peephole and answer.

The only times I answer the door when it’s not for friends, is if I’m expecting a package or food. I feel that package (and food delivery) tracking has gotten so good, that it’s not a surprise to hear a knock from them.

I have always been like this. I don’t think it’s ever really been about fear. I just don’t like to be bothered. I don’t want to buy whatever you’re selling. I don’t want to hear about your religion. I’m not voting for whoever you’re campaigning for. I don’t have time to take whatever survey you’ve got. In my experience, an unexpected knock on the door is one of those things.

I don’t even try to hide it at this point. I used to keep everything so quiet as I tried to peer out the window and discover who it could possibly be. Now, I still quietly look out the window, but I don’t try to keep the rest of my house quiet. Which is probably a little bit rude, but it is my house. I shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to answer the door and I shouldn’t feel the need to hide that I’m there.

This whole thing got me wondering if my behavior was the “norm” or if people actually answer the door and I’m just the weird one. I thought it would be fun to do a poll and see what other people do. So, please answer the poll and feel free to explain your answer in the comments!

Thank you so much for voting and for stopping by! I will see you next time!

Postpartum and Beyond

My Hospital Stay Regret

Around nine in the morning on August 29, 2019, my husband, brand new baby, and I were transferred into our hospital room. A short while later my parents arrived. My husband’s mother wasn’t able to visit (I delivered sooner than expected). I adore my mother-in-law, but it was nice not to seem put together for another person.

I’m relatively close with my parents and I’m thankful that they were able to meet their grandbaby pretty much immediately, but looking back at it now, I think I would actually skip out on having visitors at the hospital. I would’ve really liked to use that time to be with my husband and Little P.

Overall, the number of visitors we had was pretty low. My parents and there was a family friend that stopped by. My parents stopped by multiple times throughout the day. The family friend came unannounced with my dad, which I didn’t appreciate, but that’s beside the point.

Every time people came to visit it felt like everything stopped and the focus went to them. I was exhausted, my husband was exhausted, and everyone just wanted to see and hold the baby. At that point, your baby needs to eat every two hours and (if you’re like me) then whenever your changing diapers it’s frustrating and difficult. You’re learning your baby and figuring out how to be a mom. My point here is, you’re not getting a lot of sleep and having visitors takes away time that you could be trying to nap.

I had a natural birth, so we only stayed in the hospital for about 24 hours, not including the whole birth process. I would probably feel differently if we had the C-Section as planned. We would’ve been in the hospital for three to four days. That’s a much longer time to be there. There’s more time to recover (as there should be) and a few friendly faces would be a welcome sight after a surgery like that.

For my circumstances though, I would’ve like to take everything in with my brand new little family and dealt with the greetings and celebrating once we were at home and comfortable. So, for my next baby (if there is a next baby), I think I will ask visitors to please wait until we’ve left the hospital to say their hellos.

So, what do you think? Are you all for the hospital visitors after a birth or do you want your space as well? I’m also curious if you’d be upset at not being invited to come to visit in the hospital.